Standard Size Frames

When we began our framing adventures in 1988, there were less than ten common readymade frame sizes. With an explosion of printing processes and sources, the question of what is “standard” has grown a lot more complicated.

Naturally, we want our selection of readymade frames to answer the needs of as many of our customers as possible. To wit: our most popular frame sizes are always stocked in our shop. They are fast, economical framing solutions. Even if you have a nonstandard sized image, you may be able to combine a custom cut mat with a standard-sized readymade frame. Done within a lunch hour!

Our readymade frame inventory extends far beyond our normal in-store stock. Consult the chart below to see sizes we normally carry, along with larger sizes featured by our Online Frame Shop. We produce over 60 frame sizes for our online store - any of which can be made available for in-store pick up within 48 hours.


Size Ready Made Photo Frame Acrylic
2.5 x 3.5   x x
3 x 5     x
4 x 5   x  
4 x 6   x x
5 x 5   x  
5 x 7   x x
6 x 8   x  
8 x8 x x  
8 x 10 x x x
8.5 x 11   x  
9 x 12 x    
10 x 10 x    
11 x 14 x    
11 x 17 x    
12 x 12 x    
12 x 16 x    
12 x 18 x    
14 x 18 x    
16 x 20 x    
18 x 24 x    
20 x 24 x