Dry Mounting

Wavy poster? Pictures for the kids room? Boring Cubicle? Dry Mounting is an affordable solution to all these problems. A process in which heat and pressure are applied to a thermosetting adhesive to bond paper to a rigid foam core backing, dry mounting can be used as a light weight temporary display method or as a way to keep thin paper flat in a frame.

At Saline Picture Frame Co. we can mount your up to 40x60 pieces on regular foam core or black core foam. Because dry mounting is a permanent process we usually recommend against mounting original or one of a kind pieces although we also can dry mount on Artcare Restore, an acid free, reversible, archival grade foam core more.

Size Foamcore Black F'core Artcare Restore
5x7 $5.70 $6.95 $11.40
8x10 $6.58 $8.14 $13.16
11x14 $8.05 $10.12 $16.10
12x18 $9.39 $11.93 $18.78
16x20 $11.32 $14.54 $22.64
18x24 $13.60 $17.63 $27.20
24x30 $19.22 $25.22 $38.44
24x36 $22.56 $29.73 $45.12
32x40 $30.29 $40.17 $60.58
40x60 $53.78 $71.92 $107.56

This price list is intended as a guideline - the condition or the type of the material being mounted may affect your actual price. Bring your artwork in and our expert framers will help you find the best solution for your individual project.